We are delighted to have received this advance review for the book, kindly sent by Colin Fraser, who has an advanced copy of the book,

“Having seen the work and tireless enthusiasm which David has put into Silver Spoons of Britain 1200 – 1710 this work undoubtedly will break new ground, shedding light onto the ever expanding field of early silver spoons.

The unrivalled group of spoons lavishly illustrated not only shows the scope and variety of the field but the journey one geographic area, maker, or pattern took over many centuries. This ties what often appear simple single objects into their rightful place as important links in the story of silver.

Set to be a classic volume in the field Silver Spoons of Britain 1200 – 1710 with its widely researched chapters will interest both new and established collectors alike and will make the understanding, identification and authentication more accessible to all involved in the subject.”