This review has been received from Paul. Thank you very much for your review of Silver Spoons of Britain 1200 – 1710 Paul, it’s much appreciated.

Dear David

It was a real privilege to spend a couple of hours leafing through Volume One of your wonderful ‘Survey’ and having you explain and justify so much of what you have done. The amount of thought that has gone into it’s production – use of colour, the sheer number as well as the originality of the photographs, to say nothing of the quality, the provenances and so many spoons as well as the most prescriptive ‘introductions’ to each section. 

It was a real lesson and I was happy to ‘sit at your feet’ and acknowledge your mastering of the subject. The sheer amount as well as the depth of research involved has produced a work of remarkable scholarship. I can see it will be the ‘benchmark’ for many years to come. I look forward to delving into it in much more detail.

Your ever