The Benson Collection of Early Silver Spoons

£95.00 £65.00

The definitive work on the Benson Collection of Early Silver Spoons.

  • Hard bound with dust jacket
  • 144 pages
  • 45 spoons and 1 fork illustrated
  • Chapters about Mrs How and the firm

4 reviews for The Benson Collection of Early Silver Spoons

  1. admin

    The customer below lives in London:

    “Dear David

    Thank you for sending the Benson Collection book. An excellent work and augurs well for your magnum opus.

    Best wishes


  2. admin

    This review was sent in by a customer who lives in Germany:

    “Hello David !

    Your book arrived this afternoon, well packed and in top condition.

    I thank you most sincerely for your dedication and your work to produce this companion to my HOW memorabilia. Please keep me informed about your next production on spoons.

    Best wishes,


  3. admin

    Review sent in by Tony Lewis:

    “This is to let you know that your book arrived safely, well packed and
    in perfect condition.

    It is a work of which you should be justly proud.

    I confess to some bias in this judgement as one whose collection includes a C14th Acorn knop, a late C15th provincial Wrythen knop and an early Wrythen knop by John Quycke. Your work could be written expressly for me.

    However it is not just the wealth of information it contains. The silver trade has always contained some larger than life characters and it is clear that Mrs How was one of these. Extant examples include John Bourdon Smith and Jolyon. As modern society becomes increasingly drab, these colourful characters are to be treasured and your anecdotes do them justice. I was inspired to start collecting spoons by a dealer called Thelma Halbert, the descendant of a wealthy oil family, who did not need to be (and wasn’t!) nice to anyone she didn’t like. Your description of Mrs How reminded me of her delightful eccentricity.

    I look forward to your next work and would be grateful if you would notify me when it is published.

    Thank you for this fine book.

    Tony Lewis”

  4. admin

    Review sent in by David Orfeur:

    “Thank you very much for sending on my copy of the book. Having now had time to look through it carefully, I think that it is really very fine.

    The book itself is of great quality, the printing and photographs are excellent, and the content is really clear and of great interest. You are to be congratulated upon a first rate effort.

    The section upon the spoons themselves is clear and easy to fully understand, and the first section, about the Hows, is both fascinating and highly amusing. Many memories were stirred!

    I am really enjoying the book, which I will long treasure.

    David Orfeur”

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